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Hello and Welcome To Our News Letter Web Site

Woodstock Mobile Home Park 3501 New Haven Road  Columbia MO 65201

Woodstock Mobile Home Community Association


         This is our Winter 2015 edition. We hope you find it informative and enlightening.

In the first year of publication, we had over 10,000 visitors from all over the nation !

If you have a comment or suggestion just type it in any of the “comment” sections below any category.


You can leave a comment at the bottom of a page or preferably go to the tab above that says “OPEN DISCUSSION FORUM-FIRE AWAY!!”

Please make every effort to express yourself  in a civil manner. Stating  your opinion is perfectly acceptable, just  keep calm and write. Lewd language or pictures will be deleted.

Personal verbal attacks won’t be allowed. Please frame your comments or questions in an adult manner or in a way that you wouldn’t mind receiving.

If we need to edit your comment(s) for coherency we will do so but we will make every effort to maintain the integrity of your idea.

 You are not required to put in your email address or name. However, if you do, your email address will NOT show. You will be completely anonymous unless you want to put your name on the posting. Otherwise just invent a name for your posting.

Notice the “check boxes” at the bottom of the page, they are there if you want to be notified of a response to your comment(s), OR check the other box and you will be notified when anyone makes a post ( provided you enter your email address which WON’T show ).

NOTE: When you post a comment, it will show up on your computer only. The site moderator approves comments for public view and then it shows up on the web site. The moderator will  remove/modify profanity.

That wasn’t so bad, was it?

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Onward and Upward!

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  1. I’m looking for a lot to move my trailer to

  2. jeff wheeland permalink

    I’m looking to move to another park I’m also looking to buy another mobile home

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