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Open Discussion Forum- FIRE AWAY !! What’s On Your Mind ?

Fire Away Folks !  This is your forum and your comments are welcome.

  1. Anonymous permalink

    Becky is no longer the Regional manager. FYI

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone know to get ahold of someone in management? NOT Larry. I do not want to talk to him anymore because it doesn’t do ANY good. Some higher then Becky even would be awesome.
    Thanks in advance

  3. Hey Y’all !!

    Spring is here…yea !!

    I am re-opening this site after it being closed for a year. But, there will be slightly different rules and it won’t be open to just any comment(s).
    With the closing of the Woodstock Community Association this could be an alternative to post comments or observations.

    Thanks and Happy Spring !!

  4. Jerry 96 permalink

    Fellow Woodstock campers. There has been very little participating at meetings. Therefore the Woodstock MHP Association will close, unless, someone volunteers to be chairman. Have a good and safe year.

  5. Steve 147 permalink

    Submitted on 2014/11/15 at 10:46 am

    Well, well well ! After MONTHS of the Park going steadily down hill someone has finally noticed
    and in usual knee-jerk fashion “notes” are being passed out confirming what everyone has been seeing.

    I’m all for getting our house in order but two questions come to mind.
    1. How did it get so bad all of a sudden? Used to be the Manager would check the Park daily (sometimes twice a day ) and if you needed some “improvement”, you would be instructed (nicely) on what needed done.
    We have a different approach under our current leadership obviously. Every NINE months we should expect written instruction as to our offences and non-compliance ?
    That’s interesting.

    2. Why now ? As the weather is turning really cold which makes it hard and painful I might add for people to spend time doing repairs. You couldn’t have decided this 2 weeks ago when it was 72 degrees ?

    This is what is know as “Management Disconnect”. Pulling out the cannons and firing at flies.
    Evidently the current Manager has been woefully errant and now in the cold of winter we need to make urgent repairs! Urgent ! They couldn’t have asked 2 weeks ago and sure as heck can’t wait until warmer weather.

    On the bright side, at least the note didn’t contain the words ” failure to comply will jeopardize your tenancy and could result in eviction “.
    That’s refreshing.

    So if there are any elderly or in-firmed who will need help I will pitch in and help.

    Onward and Upward !

    • Anonymous permalink

      Submitted on 2014/11/18 at 8:12 am

      The park has been going down hill since Judy left. Chris made it miserable, brought in all the trash, Cindy brought in all the illegals. I don’t even know the new persons name. Park is in such sad shape. I believe it will never be brought back to the old days when it was so pretty and people were proud of their home. you can drive through and tell who cares.

      • Steve 147 permalink

        Submitted on 2014/11/18 at 8:52 am

        I think maybe some of what we see has a lot to do with the homes just getting older.
        Cindy did a good job of catching things early, she would call your attention to junkie looking things. I give her good marks for that. Larry is the current Manager’s name.
        He is very personable and has good Customer Relation skills but as far as an eye for junk……..he has a long way to go to keep up with past Managers.
        What bothers me most is the timing. A lot of the “offenders” are elderly and it is such a burden for them in the cold of winter to be outside trying to work.
        The responsibility for that hardship lies with Larry. He ignored or just didn’t look for things deteriorating. Now, in the bitter cold the elderly are forced to work. Shameful.

  6. anonymous permalink

    Submitted on 2014/06/04 at 2:02 am

    Becky’s cell phone number is: (636) 524-2140.

  7. Steve 147 permalink

    I know you are upset but have you spoken with him?
    In my opinion he is one of the nicest guys you could meet.
    Agreed, they do seem to have their priorities of what matters out of order but
    it isn’t Larry’s fault. He is following directions and doing the best he can.

    It concerns me when someone verbally attacks people and you aren’t specific.
    That kind of “shotgun” approach probably isn’t very helpful.

    And you may be right, it may not do any good complaining on this site…..but then
    again it may…. if you tone down the rhetoric and be a gentleman/lady in your approach.
    The Managers are human too and will probably take constructive criticism better
    than using a meat clever.

    Just a thought.


    If you are the person who got the “mow your yard or we will string you up” notice…..
    do you need some help? I have a mower ( and a healthy grand son ), we can help you
    out if you need it. No charge.

  8. Steve 147 permalink

    I was taking a minute to think about what has transpired on the web site this week and
    started laughing, so I thought I would write things down. Basically the recap is from memory
    but goes as follows:
    It Started with some pics of “sidewalk parkers” especially a trailer with trash/junk on it.
    Then someone posted comments about that situation.
    Then someone posted comments about giving the Manager some time to adjust.
    Then someone posted comments on how much time does it take.
    Then a recap of some “minimum service levels” expected
    And then a comment detailing ALL the things a Manager has to do.
    Another recap of “no service”, just water/sewer and access to your home is all you should legally expect.
    Then some Manager complaints. A couple of them I think.
    Which led to Becky setting everyone straight and her threat of withdrawing from the site altogether because there were negative comments and it was probably a waste of time (paraphrasing ).
    Then an explanation of why people write like they do on the site and it shouldn’t be taken personally.
    Which led to an angry complaint about Pit Bulls.
    And that was resolved in a reasonable fashion ( sort of ).
    Then someone else complained about negativism and said they were “done with the site”.
    Isn’t that weird? Complaining about negativism? That short circuits my brain. Wow !
    AND THEN we were all enlightened by the fact that everything is SATAN’s fault and the Lord has everything under control.
    Topping that was an accusation that I was using the website to complain about child safety issues because I was run over as a child.
    Next, the pictures were changed to flowers and polite niceties about how the Park looks.
    THEN…everything went quiet.

    Man !!! You couldn’t make this stuff up !!!
    Wholly jump’in bull frogs….and it’s only WEDNESDAY !!

    It has been a barrel of laughs when you think about it…..honestly, take a deep breath,
    think about all this and I dare you not to laugh !

    Don’t you just love your Woodstock family !

  9. Steve 147 permalink

    Someone brought up the point that no one uses their real name on this site except me and Becky and they wondered why.

    The only reason I can come up with is the fear of reprisals. Being singled out for punishment for saying something that the Manager may not like then you end up evicted or water boarded or both.
    So I suppose that falls within the realm of normal reasoning.
    Water boarding is always such fun. 🙂 Just kidding folks, just kidding.
    To me, names aren’t important. It’s your ideas, suggestions and yes even complaints that matter. So it doesn’t matter IF you put your name, how many names you use, if you choose Anonymous or just leave it blank.
    We are looking for your input, that is all.
    It strikes me as quite hilarious that people complain about not putting a name or using a different name each time while all the time their “complaint” is ANONYMOUS! Ha, ha, ha, ha !
    Why would they want to know your name if not to use it against you? And who would make SURE you are putting in the right name anyway. It boggles my mind.
    So keep posting how ever you want to post and don’t let the Internet Police try and disturb you.

  10. Steve 147 permalink

    If you know of an elderly or physically impaired person(s) on a limited income who may need some help cleaning up or mowing their yard here in Woodstock let me know.
    My grand son and I will be happy to help out…no charge.
    Well, actually my grand son will be doing the work and I’ll be holding the sodas !

  11. Steve 147 permalink

    By the way. We had to clean out most of our old posts, we had maxed out and reached a sizable amount
    ( 60 ish ). We left the most current and the Woodstock Meeting Minutes.

    Thanks again !

  12. Resident permalink

    This is so true. Amen

  13. Steve 147 permalink

    Good Morning Becky,

    Thanks for your input and opinions.

    The site has been designed to give people a free voice, unrestricted and unedited.
    How the content is taken is left to the reader.

    My approach is that the folks who post on the site are NOT professional writers
    and rarely, if ever, communicate this way.
    They are inclined to say what is on their mind and they don’t mince words.

    If someone feels an accusation is unfair or unwarranted then I would hope they would post
    what they believe is correct and not just walk away. That approach is not constructive nor does it
    facilitate constructive communication.

    As a professional I would hope that you would read below the surface, take the entire postings
    for the day and mentally sort out what is really going on.

    For example, the person with the Pit Bull problem. They started their posting aggravated and
    frustrated. By the end, a reasonable action plan was in place and at the least felt their grievance
    would be noted.
    That’s all anyone wants. Some avenue to be heard. Don’t take it personally.

    This is a different world than when I grew up and people express themselves in an “us versus them”
    mentality. It’s up to us to sort out the real message. Especially with folks who aren’t accustomed to having a forum to do that.
    I hope you understand.

    People look to Management to interface in areas where they don’t want to alienate a neighbor
    or don’t know the person but have a problem that needs resolution.
    The “offender” would respect the Manager asking them to correct a problem much more than an individual and a situation can unnecessarily escalate. That is why people try to report items to Management..

    I’m sorry if you are offended by the “tone” of the postings and we appreciate your correction
    regarding lease information.

    The residents are deeply concerned for the Community, want to see it thrive and would like to
    point with pride that they live here.

    We hope you choose to stay and actively participant in the web site, it’s a pleasure having you.

    Have a great day, it’s going to be a beautiful one !

  14. One of my biggest problems with this site is the fact that it appears there are so many people with opinions but yet very few who are willing to put their name to their opinions. As Steve has said “every one is free to express their opinions”, “It’s an open, honest spirited debate”, and “Folks have a venue to say what is on their minds without ANY condemnation”. All of this is very very true. However, there have been several things said on this site that are not true. First, “He is obligated to forward the information to his superiors” said by Devil’s Advocate. The Manager is not OBLIGATED to forward the information on however, me being the supervisor, I would hope a new manager such as Larry would indeed forward such information on to me for review and guidance. Secondly, “Becky was only here because she had to be. As soon as she could she ran back home” said by Anywhere but here. I didn’t have to be anywhere and I don’t have to have this job. I retired from property management several years back but I came back to it because I love this job field. When I was requested to go to Columbia I didn’t even hesitate for a second. I was not required to sleep on an air mattress upstairs from the office, I was allotted the comforts of a hotel room each night. It was my decision to sleep there and work the late hours to get stuff corrected and in order for the betterment of the community. I did not run back home as soon as I could. I held many interviews, any one of which I could have hired if I so wanted to and I even hired one lady and terminated her within days because I new right away she was not right for the job. If I wanted to leave so badly I would have hired the first person that walked into the office and tucked tail and ran. If I wanted nothing to do with Woodstock, my cell number would not still be listed on the answering machine for emergencies nor would it be posted on the office wall for each and every one of you to call if you want to. So, before an opinion is made about me, make sure you have your facts correct. Third, “They (Management) are required to provide a safe, clean, secure and peaceable environment to reside in” said by Devil’s Advocate. Any one of you can easily find on the internet the legal responsibilities of a landlord, but to help you each out a little I am taking the liberty to copy the summary of such from the Missouri Attorney General’s web page and posting them here. The Landlord’s General Obligations are:
    ● Make property habitable before tenants move in.
    ● Make and pay for repairs due to ordinary wear and tear.
    ● Refrain from turning off a tenant’s water, electricity or gas.
    ● Provide written notice to tenants when ownership of the property is transferred to
    a new landlord.
    ● Not unlawfully discriminate.
    I could be wrong, but I do not believe I have yet heard even one complaint regarding any of the above listed obligations. Both the landlord and resident’s have legal obligations but more importantly in my opinion is our moral obligations as human beings. This is not about customer service or paying rent. Anywhere but here said, “We shouldn’t have to complain so much when we pay rent”. The right to complain has nothing to do with you paying rent or not. Each of us has a voice, what matters is how we use our voice. You can sit on a site such as this and write post after post complaining in hopes that someone will read it and take it seriously, even without names being put to the complaints, or we can do as Devil’s Advocate said and “put the powder back on the self”. I’m not sure that is what DA meant but that is how I’m choosing to take it. You each have freedoms to better the community in which you live. There is not one thing stopping you from walking up to the door of a home which has a car parked on the sidewalk in front of it and speaking with the occupant and asking him or her to move the car. There is not one thing stopping you from approaching a mother or father who is allowing their small child outside unattended to play which could possibly cause harm to come to the child. There is not one thing stopping you from speaking with your neighbor who has a dog outside barking. Although, yes these are all typical things a property manager would/should address, there is nothing stopping each of you from taking control of your community and addressing them yourself if they really truly are bothering you. You may sit back and say it’s not your job, but as I have outlined above, it is not the legal job of the property manager either. You can all sit here and rip Larry or any other manager apart all day long and where may I ask is it getting you? Or you can care about the community in which you live & call home and get out there and make it better. At first I liked this site, I honestly like to hear what residents have to say. However, after spending so much time this evening and the previous few days reading the banter I think I have decided I will not be viewing it as much anymore if at all. The rules & regulations state, “All complaints must be in writing, must be signed, dated and the full nature of the complaints must be stated with details.” Outside of this happening, I will assume most all posts on this site is nothing more than idol venting for your own personal enjoyment.

  15. Steve 147 permalink

    Submitted on 2014/04/09 at 9:31 pm

    We had a nice Community Association Meeting this evening.
    The attendance was great and the discussion lively.
    Thanks to Larry for his participation, it was nice having you !
    There was a report of shots fired within the park. The Sheriff’s Department couldn’t
    find any evidence. No action was taken.
    Open discussion regarding on going problem areas. Vehicles parking in the street. More than 2 vehicles per household where do they park?
    Background checks are done on new residents. However: Convicted felons who have completed
    their sentence(s) are allowed.
    Clutter around homes.
    No loose trash bags NOT in trash containers for pick up.
    Need further clarification what can be on the decks, patio furniture, tables etc.
    Will the Park provide a dumpster for “spring cleaning” ?
    Park wide Garage Sale scheduled for May 9th-10th from 9 am to 1 pm.
    General open discussion points to follow in another posting.

    Thanks to everyone who participated and Thanks again Larry !

  16. Steve 147 permalink

    Submitted on 2014/03/22 at 4:22 pm | In reply to Steve 147.

    Remember: This is an open forum and we don’t censor posts from anyone.

  17. I could be wrong, but it is my understanding that the speed bumps have already been approved and we are just waiting for the paving company. Steve, as usual you are correct I do have a world of responsibilities which I am trying my best to stay on top of even while here in Columbia. However, it is not my plan to just hire and take off. I’m hoping my schedule will allow me at least a few days to a week to work with whomever we hire and then to follow up with personal visits at least once a month if not more. But as always, I am available by phone or email no matter what property I am physically at.

    The new manager will definitely need some time to get adjusted to everything and to company policies, but my hopes is that I find a great one. I’ve interviewed at least 10 so far and only one has really jumped out at me as a possibility. Having new management and maintenance staff all at the same time is the hardest task ever in property management even for someone like me….everyone is on a learning curve at first just trying to figure out where everything is located and how everything runs….heck, just locating tools is a task today =)

    But we will all over come this challenge and be better for it …… that’s positive thinking on my part.

  18. Steve 147 permalink

    Updated 4-5-14

    You probably won’t believe this but we are up to a little over 9,020 visits on this web site.
    We have quite a following, not only in the Park but as I have mentioned before, even from folks in Europe, Russia, Australia, Canada and Mexico. We don’t have anyone from South Africa yet but who knows.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get a visit from the International Space Station….should I send them an invitation?
    It amazes me the number of people from around the world who like to see what’s going on in the community of Woodstock.
    My opinion is we are the first or at least one of the first mobile home communities to actually have a site that encourages comments and feedback. And even more notable is the Managers have been as active as anyone, answering questions and making comments.
    It is encouraging that while they won’t actually admit it, I believe some of the Moore Homes corporate folks peek in on us from time to time.

    Thanks to everyone for their comments!

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